No network shares after upgrade

I have searched the net high and low and cannot find a solution to my problem.  I have 2 WDHDTV LIVE boxes which i stream my media to via wireless connections from 1 pc  (win7).  I have been able to access the media via network shares and media server.  I have recently updated the firmware on both boxes and it would appear that since then, i have not been able to connect using the network shares option.  Sometimes it will bring up the folders however i get the “no media present in this folder” dialog.  I can still access the media via the media server and the network connection is fine.  I have been through all the media streaming and folder sharing options.  Disabled password protection and all folders shared have all permissions set to “full control”.  Does anyone know of a solution or can you possibly point me in the right direction?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ok. I sorted it.  I was sharing the folders from within the library, however when i went to the “network” library and checked the folders there, i was not sharing them with “everyone”.  As soon as i changed this i was able to acess all files.