Network Shares Inaccessible After Latest Update

So, I’ve got a WD TV Live HD player and after the latest update, the media player can no longer see my Network Shares.  I’ll click Network Shares and nothing will be displayed.  The only way to rectify this is by clearing the login information and re-entering it or by turning off auto login and manually clicking OK to login everytime I need to access a network share.  This was never the case with the previous firmware, and nothing has changed on my network or my PC, so it’s pretty evident this new firmware has broken network share functionality.  I ever tried factory resetting the media player, but that did nothing.

Anyone know how to report this to WDC to get it investigated as it’s pretty annoying.


Rollback.      If WD TV is new to you; don’t ever assume an update is an upgrade.

I learned it about 3 years ago, forgot it, let it update, spent a day gettting it back.

Just be sure to dl the proper version.  Took me a day to figure out I grabbed the wrong one this time.

Good luck