Unable to access network shares after upgrade

Hi Guys,

I really am at my wits end. This is the second WD TV live Plus unit I have purchased and the first one was taken back due to being unable to access shares.

I have trawled this Forum looking for assistance and have tried what was suggested with no joy.

I have reset to Defaults, done a Hardware reset via button on unit. Left it off for an hour and restarted network.

Nothing seems to work

Like the other posts I have  a PC to review YT and the main reason behind getting the WD was to watch Movies and music from network Library and now I cannot even do that.

Any help???

So, what did you upgrade that made it stop working?

Exactly what symptoms are you getting?

I upgraded the Firmware to 102.24 and prior to this I was able to access my network share and after firmware upgrade I was getting the message “The Network Share is unable to be accessed”

I have checked the Password on another PC that is attached to the network and this works fine.

How did you upgrade firmware??  There ARE no firmware upgrades for the Live Plus.  You MUST be running 1.03.24_B, as that is the ONLY firmware available for this unit.