WDTV Live Media Hub not connecting to network - My Solution

So, I finally got moved into my new place.  Ordered my new home theater system and WDTV Live Media Hub and got a chance to set it up.  After getting my netowrk all established, hooking up my PS3, and wireless printer, I attempted the WDTV Live Hub.

No connection.  Tried Automatically detect network settings.


Finally figured out what the manual setings were by going into the network settings on my PS3. 

Went into my router to see what gateway my WDTV was on.  I could see my PS3 by turning it off and on and refreshing the router window to see which one was disappearing to areappearing. 

This left my WDTV as the other device on my network.

I set the IP address to that of the device  XXX.XXX.1.3

I left the subnet alone at

I entered the router address as the gateway XXX.XXX.1.1

And finally i entered the router address as the DNS XXX.XXX.1.1

This immediately connected me to the internet and has maintained my connection.  I hope this helps some people cause I have seen this issue and looked everywhere for help.  My IT guys at work were able to fill me in on some info as well.

Good Luck

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Thank you very much for sharing!