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Hi everyone,

As you can see this is my first post on here. And I will apologize in advance if I have posted in the wrong forum. If so please could a mod move it to the correct one or someone tell where I should have posted and ill move it. Thanks.

So… Here is my question. It is more of a networking issue than anything else.

At the moment I have a PC in the spare room which is connected directly (wired) to my router. A 1TB WDTV Live Hub in the bedroom which connects to my PC wirelessly via a Belkin F7D1101 v1 N USB Dongle. I also have a PS3 downstairs in the living room. Which is connected to both above devices wirelessly. 

I am having a few streaming issues and always have, so I am going run some CAT 5E / 6 network cable round the house, behind the walls with face plates mounted for tidiness. I am going to put a dual socket into the spare bedroom (PC) with 1 going to the bedroom (WDTV) and one going down stairs to the living room (PS3). So essentially the router will have 2 Ethernet cables coming from it and going in to the faceplate, 1 for each.

But what I want to know is… Will the PS3 be able to stream (via Ethernet) the files stored on the WDTV Live Hub, will they go through the PC or just go straight through the router and back out or do I need some additional equipment to do this. And if so, what do I need.

Im quite new to the whole networking game but want flawless streaming across all devices.

Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and reply.


The movies will go from the Hub to the router and then to the PS3, you’re doing it right.

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Thanks very much buddy :smiley: