WDTV Live Hub freezes when the Ethernet cable is plugged in

I have a WDTV Live Hub with firmware version 3.12.13 and if the ethernet cable is plugged in then when loading up it sticks at the loading screen and does not load up - but without the ethernet cable plugged in it loads up normally and works perfectly. But without the ethernet cable plugged in i can not access my WD My Cloud where my movies etc are stored - any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

use method 2 HOW - TO: Update Failed at Step 2
firmwares - http://wdc3.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5860/~/how-to-roll-back-the-firmware-on-a-wd-tv-live-hub-media-center%2C-wd-tv-live

Hi there and thank you for taking the time to reply to me :slight_smile:

I have downloaded the files - put them on a thumb drive and done the step by step instructions but i can not get past -

  1. From the main menu hit the LEFT or RIGHT arrows on your remote and locate the orange New Firmware option in the menu. Once highlighted hit OK on the remote.
    There is no New Firmwear option - is this because i am not connected to the internet as i do not have a wifi connection or a wired one?



i rolled back to wdtvlivehub_rollback_3.11.10 then back to wdtvlivehub_3.12.13, but i had to fool the hub by changing version number by editing file name within the zip file.

You need to double check you have “Detect New FirmwareON in the System Settings. If you’ve downloaded the correct rollback firmware or correctly edited the *.ver file to higher number then it will dectect the New Firmware on a USB stick regardless if you’re connected via ethernet/wifi or not.

I have the same issue with being unable to setup my WDTV Live Hub. When trying to access the network setup, I get a constant “loading” screen with the ethernet cable plugged in. If the cable is not plugged in, the unit boots normally. This started a few weeks ago with firmware ver 3.12.13

I have followed the instructions in this thread, downloaded firmware ver 3.11.10, renamed it to ver 4.11.10 and successfully downgraded the firmware on the WDTV media hub. But once I plug in my ethernet cable, the unit is stuck in the loading screen, and does not load the network settings. I have also tried a new ethernet cable, connected directly to the WDTV Live hub from my modem.

Any ideas to help me? Should I be using a specific downgraded firmware version for this specific issue? Also, have considered trying a USB wireless adaptor, any recommendations for newer USB wireless adaptors that are compatible with the WDTV live hub? WD publishes a list, but I suspect its quite old

The WDTV Live Hub was discontinued nearly 4 Years ago … so the chances of a ‘newer’ USB wireless adaptor being compatible with it are slim.

experiment, pick an even older firmware and try it … maybe try going back several firmwares ?

The link below contains Rollback Firmware, so editing the ver file shouldn’t be necessary (i guess though, it doesen’t hurt to double check)


Also remember, if you do get the WDTV Live Hub network settings working … be aware that the Live Hub uses SMB1 … which Windows 10 has disabled for security reasons. (but you can re-enable it in Win10 if you choose)

Thanks for your comments, I will try older firmware versions in the near future.

In the meantime, someone out there must be using a USB wifi adaptor. Which one are you using? Also, if by chance my ethernet on my WD Live Hub is kaput, what about a USB to ethernet dongle? Is anyone using one of these and which model?

None … i stopped using the WDTV Live Hub about 4 years ago due to lack of support for new features.

All my media players (Raspberry Pi 3 / Android Box) have built in WiFi … which all current media players now have.

Yes, I have the same problem and I tried my usb WiFi whiched used to work. Now, every-time I connect the WiFi dongle the box freezes.
I haven’t tried rolling back the firmware yet and instead, looking at a replacement box!

Anyone having this issue in 2020? I have rolled back to a bunch with no luck. I’m currently at 2.05.08…also when I can get the wifi adapter to be recognized it I try to establish a connection and it crashes like when the ethernet cable is plugged in. Anything else to try or help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Oh also…does restoring to factory defaults delete all my stuff from the hard drive or do I have to move all that off before doing that?

you have to turn off auto update, it messes with network settings…i have the last firmware they did on mine, i rolled back firmware, went into settings turned off auto update, with lan cable not plugged in, flashed last firmware over top of previous version, again no lan or wifi dongle connected…then after flash went in settings, turned off auto update, plugged in lan cable viola…

Twatteryo it has nothing to do with the firmware or having auto update on …I have the same problem with my wdtv. It worked fine and then I took it to a friends place and now it wont work when I put it on my network as soon as you input the network information it doesnt work.it cycles and reboots . If I reset the wdtv but using a paper clip and doing a hard reset and dont put the network information in the box works fine. I have been running firmware 1.16.13 for years now without a problem until today. The next thing I will take a look to make sure there is no ip conflicts. It’s very wierd how this wdtv box just started going nuts when the network information was I put in. It might just be the wireless in no long working correctly (hardware issues).

It always works fine by me.
I had a problem with W10 and thougt is was a problem with my network. So I reset the settings voor communication in the WDlive hub.
At that time i have the same problem see above.
Very Strange. It looks like a setting problem.???
I want to download some firmware but can’t find any firmware anymore.
In the WDlivehub is the latest firmware and it workt fine till yesterday.

Do someone know were to find firmware to downgrade.

Look here:


All steps there was working.
Firmware still available:

Reset to factory settings after firmware rollback, I just did it and finally worked after months of trying

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Hello Anton,
I did exactly what you indicated and it is now working fine again. I save this all.
Thank you very much.
With regards.

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Finally is all good, after rollback to 2.08, reset fsctory settings and few restarts, 8 update firmware to 3.12 and all is working very good, network streaming including

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WD appears to have shutdown essential webservices to which the WDTV Live Hub connects to upon boot time. There‘s no need to tamper with the firmware as it does not work anyways. Did exactly like above mentioned but as soon as I tried connecting to the network (and Internet) → PANG → Loading-Screen of death!

Hopefully WD will see this and bring out one final firmware that irons out this issue so that you can connect your WDTV Live Hub to the network using DHCP and without crash again.

Current workaround is:

IP: an IP from your network‘s IP range (eg.
Subnet: Sbnet matching your network segment (eg.

This way your WDTV Live Hub still is in your network, being able to access network storage but you won‘t be able to use any kind of web-based services and also your clock may be out of sync by time as it usually polls a time server online.