Factory Reset - No boot when Network is plugged in, without network, boots ok



I did a complete factory reset. In doing this, the device hangs at the WE Live Hub loading screen, however, when I disconnect the network cable, reboot the device, the device boots up pretty quick. When I plug the network cable back in, the device reboots, and hangs the loading screen. An item to note, I did downgrade the firmware, and update the firmware. I also tried using the reset button on the device.

Any one got any idea’s on how to resolve this?

Thank you in advance!


I Have same issue. Did you fix it the problem?


Kind of,

It has something to do with DNS, if you put in a bogus DNS server, it will come up. From a traffic capture, it looks like it tried to register itself to a url that is no longer valid.

That’s about as far as I have gotten. It seems to query http://www.wd.com/wdtvlivehub, and looking specifically for a SRV (WDTVLiveHub.wd.com:445 0 0) records for WDTVLiveHub. It never finds these.

It does hit up wd2go.com, and appears to be looking for something else as well, (which goes to AWS)

If anyone has any ideas how to get past this, that would be great.

For kicks, I did open up a ticket with WD support, however I expect them to close it without doing much.

My guess is, this is an unexpected bug, which I hope they have a workaround for, or a quick fix.



I have an update. With my network port unplugged, what I had to do, was download the original firmware from the firmware rollback site: https://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase/answer.aspx?h=p2&ID=5860&lang=en&p=412 (version 2.02.16), install this firmware, do a factory reset. I plugged in the network cable, and everything came up. Rebooted twice, just to make sure it came up correct. Upgraded the firmware to the latest, version 3.12.13, and the issue went away.

Looking at the traffic capture, all the online queries went away. My guess is the factory reset at version 3.12.13 corrupts something on the device.