WDTV Live Boot Loop


I was watching a show on ABC iview when my WDTV Live reset itself and has since gone into what I would call and endless boot loop.

it goes to connect to the network, then the screen goes black and it resets.

I haven’t done anything to the unit ever and I can’t see any updates that were meant to occur.

has anyone had anything similar? is there a way to fix it?

I think I found the problem

something has happened to the rear usb port as anything plugged into it causes the problem - the front one is fine.

Try disconnecting it from the network, pull the power plug, wait a minute, then reboot with no network.

Never mind.  :)

Are you still having trouble now?

I was watching netflix (In Australia) and it started the reboot loop as well. About the same time as you posted by the looks of it.

Only way I could stop it rebooting was to remove the ethernet cable, which is kind of pointless as now I cant do anything.

Searching online sadly shows that this problem has been occuring on and off for a long time. 

Latest firmware is installed.

Well  I decided to roll back to firmware version 1.16.13 and at least it now stays online with the ethernet cable plugged in.

will have to see how it goes now I suppose.  I still have 39 days of warranty left, so it may still be sent back as an RMA yet.