Factory Reset - No boot when Network is plugged in, without network, boots ok

You are a legend!
Done! network is working again!!! thanks.
Now firmware is 2.08, Which version should I upgrade it to?
What do you recommend?

If the network is working again and media playback works i personally wouldn’t bother upgrading.

If you do run into a problem, check the release notes of each firmware released and if there is anything in the release notes that addresses the problem … then flash that firmware. If there is nothing in the release notes … then not much you can do since these devices no longer receive support or firmware releases for the last 6 Years.

Thank you so much, you saved my day. Your solution and explaning how to update the firmware are quite detailed. Brilliant !

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Glad to hear it was useful.
As JoeySmyth says, if everything works, just use it as is.

In my case i want device connects to wifi with asus usb-n13.
So after reset i just flash it to the latest available and touch nothing more.
It just works.

Please aware, it is instruction for rollback firmware.
If you want to upgrade to the latest, you can do it as usual, via internet of flash drive…

Hi Anton,

Thx for posting. It worked for me too. I just had to follow steps exactly! The files cant be in a folder for the rollback otherwise the WDLivetvhub wont see the upgrade for the rollback. And you you have to factory reset after the 1st rollback - just like you said.

Thanks again, very kind of you to share!!

Wow…this is the ONLY solution that actually worked! And in fact, you don’t event need to bother to update to firmware 3.12.13, as it is somewhere between one of the firmware updates that this problem was created. Those people at WD really need to get it together.

I have been working on this off and on for over two years and at this point this is what I was able to find. Assuming you figured out how to do the rollbacks in versions.
From Ver. 2.08.13 to 3.0.28 Only work with original WD drive.
Ver 3.00.28 to 3.11.10 All have the network issues.

Something changed in the version after 2.08.13 that created network errors. However Antons method to not reset does not resolve these issues and staying at 2.08.13 creates another issue whereas the HDD only support the original WD drive. Maybe a WD branded drive will work however I have not attempted this.

I have tried the method described in this thread. My problem is that after a factory reset (underside pin) the WD Live TV Hub would boot only if the ethernet cable was NOT connected. My firmware was 3.08.14.
Following the methods posted in this thread I downloaded firmware 2.08.13, renamed it to 4.08.13 and successfully rolled back the firmware,
However the WD Live TV Hub still behaves the same way, Boots normally if no ethernet cable connected, will not boot if connected with “loading” status then restarting over again.
If I start the hu b without ethernet, and plug it in while it is on, it crashes and goes into a “loading” loop again.
Did I miss something to after rolling back the firmware?

Please ignore my previous post. I found what I had failed to do; another reset.
Very late but thank you to Anton and everyone who posted in this thread.
I am back on my network again.

My experience after getting puzzled with the „Loading… stuck“ or continuous reboot loop:

All you wrote applies to the problem. As soon as the box is connected to the web, it seems to crash down as it can no longer access the ressources on the net. Sadly WD rendered the WDTVLive Hub a bit less functional as it also gets it‘s correct time from the web.

What helps is to manually enter the network information while leaving the Gateway and DNS server at

Using this method, you‘ll be able to access your network devices without the nasty reboot. Yet I don‘t know if this „workaround“ might also affect other things…

The WDTV Live Hub is still a fine device and runs otherwise very stable. Maybe WD finds the time to release a final firmware that solves the reboot loop or crash upon network service detection by disabling the URLs you mentioned.

That way, one could again leave the network configuration on Automatic and the WDTV Live Hub would just boot up normal as it is intended to.