WDTV freezing after connecting to LAN

This issue happend suddenly. No idea what happend. When I connected my WDTV to the switcher, it works for like 2-3 minutes, and then it freezes. I cant do anything, pressing all buttons on remote = nothing. Only thing I can do is turn of the AC adapter… really weird and I dont know what to do, so any suggestion is more then welcome.

Shut down or disconnect everything from your network except your WD and your router.

See if you can narrow down what the interfering device is.

Also, have you kept the firmware up to date?

I just tried this. Disconnected everything from my switcher, only router and WDTV and its working for more then 5 minutes so far :) 

Yes, I keep everything updated.

Could any of my other connections be the issue? It was working great for like a year, and this suddenly happend yesterday…