I’ve had this thing a few months now and its been working ok.

However the networking has suddenly died on me.

If I do a network check I get the 3 ticks - but the player cannot see my PC nor can it even see accuweather, youtube etc. - it just sits there spinning.

Even trying a firmware update had the **bleep** thing sitting there like a stunned mullet.

I’ve attempted a factory reset to no avail - about to try a firmware downgrade.

Well that didn’t work  :frowning:

I’m stumped.

What did you change before you had the networking problem? Firmware update to WD TV Live? Changes to your network e.g. router settings? How is your network setup?

I would suggest reentering network info in WDTV Live. Check workgroup name.

I ended up switching off my modem/router - moved all the cables to different ports - and switched it back on again.

Problem solved. Go figure.

(Yes I had previously reset the router several times).