Network problems

I have  a WDTV Live.  It has been working flawlessly for well over a year.  Yesterday morning it was working fine as well.  Yesterday afternoon, I started it up, and couldn’t get to Network Shares at all.  I press the button to navigate to it, and nothing happens at all-no list of computers, no menu change, nothing.  I messed around with it for a while and gave up, thinking maybe something broke.  I had a WDTV Live Plus sitting new in the box (hadn’t gotten around to installing it on another TV yet), so I pulled that one out and set it up.  Exact same thing happens-I try to enter Network Shares, and the device just sits there.

Nothing changed on the network, or any of the computers.  The network works fine from every computer,dns & wins are all present on  one of the servers, and both are working correctly.  None of the computers on the network run a firewall (firewall is sitting at the perimeter network).  Any thoughts on what it could be?  Online services work without issue, and if I try to access Media Servers, the one computer running a media server does show up, so connectivity is ok.  I’m stumped, and my Google-Foo has failed me on finding a resolution.


Topic can be closed.  Found problem with Master Browser service on Windows server.

Can you please let me know what you found.  Seems I am currently having the same issue.

I am having the same issue !! What did you do ??

Power cycle your equipment. Leave everything off and “unplugged from the wall” for 5 minutes.

1. Boot your PC - wait 5 minutes before going to #2.

  1. Power on the WDTV unit.

 Or you can play with the master browser hassle in DOS. Google it if you need to.