Another problem

I’m really not having much fun with my WDTV live. It all appeared to be working well - I am unsure what has changed.

Essentially my networking appears ok (passed the 3 ticks), it can see my PC and shares. However it is very slow to connect to the share and performance is so slow it cannot even play a file. It opens the file (eventually) and just sits there at 0.0.

Everything had been ok up to this point.

What can have changed? The latest firmware is on WDTV and it DID work initially. I have tried reverting but the same problem occurs anyway. I am now back to latest.

Is it the PC - I’m using windows xp sp3.

The WDTV is wired into the router and the PC is on a wireless (connection “very good”).

Any ideas?


Try resetting the WDTV in order to change everything back to factory settings. This is recent issue?

Actually its probably not the WDTV at all.

My router is a Netgear DGN2000 and I’ve recently learnt its a lemon prone to overheating.

I suspect mine has overheated and all but destroyed the performance of the ethernet ports - a common problem.

It wasn’t obvious the router was the culprit because the wireless side of things has been working perfectly.