Network Share Problem :(

i have a wdtv live which is connected to dlink usb wireless pc is in another room having dlink dsl-2640t modem+router wireless.i setup sharing on my windows my windows xp detects the portable hard disk connected to my wdtv in another room and i can easily do all things in it.but wdtv does not detecyt my pc.please someone heklp…im really starting to get frustrated .

thank you

Hi Tejas,

Have you properly set your XP system up to share on/over your network?

Have you properly set up your files to share over the network?

Are both your computer and the Live on the same workgroup?

Did you disable your firewall and see if this helps?

When you go to  say videos > network shares> is your computer displayed at all?  what happins when you select your computer?  Are you prompted for a user name and password?  if yes what happens if you leave it 

Annoymous user name and no password?

yes ive setup my xp properly.

yes ive setup my files properly.

yes both my pc and live are on same workgroup.

i always have to disable my firewall otherwise it doesnt i always disable it.

yes my computer is displayed and i can properly see the files i shared.i can even access wdtv live portable hdd on my pc too.the problem is when i try to play something on my live from network share firstly it takes a ell lot of time to start and when it starts it plays perfectly for like a minute and then it lags badly :frowning:

i tested it with different video formats and all lag like hell.

thank you

So now you’re saying you CAN see your shares and the video files, but you are having problems with playing them wirelessly?

What’s the bitrate on these files?  Are they 1080p?  The Live doesn’t stream full 1080p files wirelessly very well – maximum bitrates are going to be under 17mbps and files which approach or exceed this will freeze or stutter.

its not a hd video…its a **bleep** quality you tube video which i doqwnloaded on my pc:(

I am using the last stable firmware1.02.21 and I have some problem on net share.

If I connect my laptop on network (cable not wireless, I never use wireless) with my shared folder already actived in sharing mode the WD tv live isn’t loading the shared folder, and I cannot see the laptop under Sharing section on wd tv live menu. But If I create a folder on root, so C:\ and then I share it, wd tv live is loading everything, so every folder shared on my laptop. Something changed, becouse I never had this problem with other firmware.

Usually I use network to watch my files.

Finally, I like your product, it’s a good job.

Should I report this net issue? or is already reported?

I am using windows xp sp3

and I configured the network well

cellax: after u share a folder u need to restart ur pc and rest the wdtv live suing a peper also using xp sp3 and faced the same will work then :wink:

is there no one who can help me in this problem?

Go download MEDIAINFO, and run that against your file that you’re having problems with. 

Post the TEXT output here.