WD TV LIVE PLUS (with wf-ii) always freezing

I seem to be having a lot of trouble with  WD live unit just compiling a media list off the local USB hard drive that is connected to a WD elemients 1.5tb drive.  It appears I can stream live, watch netflix, youtube and stuff like that. But if the drive is connected and its compilng a list it eventually freezes.   I’ve let it run for hours and the light just keeps flashing.  Theres a lot of files but it shouldn’t take hours.   The freeze kills the remote, but I found out that if I disconnect the USB drive it takes a few minutes but the box comes back and the remote works again. It comes back with a message about the drive being missing (well duh).   The box is no good if I can just list  files on a local drive.  Thats all I really want to do.

Any suggestions or limitations that anyone knows of?   The unit has been updated to include the latest firmware available.  I beleive it still took hours when I just took it out of the box as well before the update.

Try to connect this USB drive to a computer, once is connected, look for the WD TV folder and delete it. This happens to me and I read about this in these forum, it work like a charm.

Hope it helps.

Also check if you have the same problem with other firmware versions, try a roll back

I concur with the suggestion here to delete the library files folder.  in fact, I wrote about this to someone else tonight for a similar question about the drive apparently re-compiling for too long:

Try this:  Perhaps your library files on the HD connected to the WDTV are corrupt and staying that way somehow.  It is OK to delete them, as the folder and files get re-created next time the drive is read from startup of WDTV.  On a rare occasion or two I have deleted them, and there is no problem doing so.  BTW, either the WDTV manual or some tech bulletin I read from WD mentioned doing this to clear up problems/errors.


The folder to delete is " .wd_tv "  You will see it in the root dir.