Keeps freezing and remote don't respond

Hi, I’m new to here and I just brought a wd TV live media player yesterday and I have loads of problems , remote is unresponsive when watch a mkv movie, and when scrolling through selection of movies it locks up, and I have to reboot. Which then I have to wait 10 mins to reset because if I restart immediately its still locked UP, I’ve upgraded to latest firmware 1.05.04v , I had to do this as when I first started this the remote freezes on start up on old firmware 1.2 something like that.

My first impressions is that WD should stick to hdd only there good at them , this product gets a - 10 of me its shocking and its a waste of £85 , but if anybody can help and change my opinion on this I’m all ears… Sorry for long introduction


You only having issues with MKV or all movie formats? 

There are some problems, but nothing as bad as what you are experiencing now. Did you try to press the reset button on the WD Live? If that doesn’t work, you can try rolling back the firmware to a previous version (then press the reset button after rolling back). Try one of the later versions. If none of that works, you might have just been unlucky and got a bad box.

Firmware Rollback

I have the same problem.  I got my box almost a year ago, have had a few firmwares and have never been able to use this piece of junk.  It freezes every time.  Sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes after 8 minutes.  It doesn’t matte what type or format I try to play, avi, mpg, mkv, 1080p, 720p or non HD files.

I don’t need more network features or improoved youtube to my WDTV Live.  I just want to watch video files from my usb drive without the box freezing.

I bought this device because I have been using and selling WD HDDs for years, and they are really good, but I’m not gonna buy any more WD products in the future.

Try DISCONNECTING it from your network and see if USB files will then play normally.