New Firmware- 1.12.14- Freezes Remote when Local storage

Updated to new 1.12.14ver - now WD Live freezes unless I remove local storage WD hard drive.  I cannot use the Hard drive, no problems before update.  Any solutions, please?

Delete media library and create and new one?


Am new with WDTV so I don’t know how to delete and create a new Media Library.  Can you help?  Thanks.

Setup / system / Media Library / Clear Media Library

When properly ejected from the LIVE you can also delete the .wd_tv-folder when the drive is attached to your computer.

It seems to be caching the media even though thats turned off

If I disconnect the usb drive I get control of the box. 

If I wait 15 mins I get control of the box. 

It seems like the update caused the system to ignore the option of disbling media caching

Which might explain why there is a .wd_tv-folder despite me having turned off the media library.

I have the same problem. I wrote to WD Support and they replied to me the following:

We will escalate the case to our development team to have a fix for this issue in a future firmware update. I apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. Meanwhile, you can rollback to the previous firmware version to have the media player working how it used to. Thank you for your suggestion and recommendation. We are gathering customers feedback to see how we can improve our product,  unfortunately we do not have information on a release date for an upgraded firmware. You may wish to join, and add to our Community Forums’ Ideas Lab at the link below. Our development team reviews these posts on a regular basis, to see the most commonly requested features by our customers.


I have tried resetting all settings back to factory defaults but still it is not working. It is clearly a bug of this new firmware. I can rollback to the previous version (1.11.14), but in that version the media library is not working with usb hdds. It is very annoying that the main functions of the wdtv are not working (to watch movies from a usb hdd or to use the media library). This is very dissapointing. It is not even working with a 500gb WD Elements, the same brand of the WDTV.

I have the same problem after the last update. If i start WDTV with external HD plugged in, it won’t even show me the light blue led, then after about 3-4 min it starts the WD and starts scanning building the catalog. And alos inside the system, untill i plugin my external drive, it works fine, as soon as i plug it in, the whole system freezes for about 5 min and then it goes back to normal.

Same issues here.

This is a symptom of connecting an HD with an “inconsistent” file system state.

Similar to what happens when you plug it into your PC and your PC prompts you to repair the disk.

The WD won’t prompt – it just does the scan and check as soon as the disk is connected, hence the delay.

any solution on this??