WDTemp folder

Why do I have .WDTemp folder in my drive? Is it really necessary? Can I remove it to make space in my PC?

Did you install (and use) WD Sync?

Yes. However, I’ve stopped using it and now want to use ‘backup’ instead
although I’m having problems with it. I will post a separate question.

If you no longer use WD Sync you could uninstall the program and delete the WDTemp folder if it is not removed during the uninstall process. Note that uninstalling WD Sync doesn’t remove the WD Sync folder on the My Cloud or the files within it.

Crazy – the .WDTemp folder is 3x the size of the actual folder I’m synchronizing. So, a 30GB folder is actually taking up 120GB of space on my hard drive. This makes no sense.

It makes sense when one understands that the WD Sync program will keep several older versions of each file it syncs to allow the user to recover/restore an older version of a Synced file. WD Sync apparently also keeps some sort of file backup when a file fails to sync. Because of these issues (WD Sync consuming all the free space on the My Cloud) some have stopped using WD Sync and use third party sync software like Free File (http://www.freefilesync.org/). The downside to most third party sync software is the inability to sync remotely to the My Cloud using methods other than FTP.