Software using up hard drive space in a folder c.WDTemp at a clip of ~ 2-3 GB per day

My SSD drives filled up at an alarming rate. In trying to find the cause I found a folder in the C: drive labeled .WDTemp. The problem consumed nearly 200 GB of space since 1/25/16. I don’t know what is causing this. I use WD Sync with a MYCloud Mirror to sync files between computers.

Has anyone had & solved this issue?

I’ve determined that the problem is with the WD Sync software. When I pause syncing, I can delete the .WDTemp folder and it is not recreated. As soon as I resume syncing the problem begins again. the files are not deleted when I shut down so they continuously eat up hard drive space.

Hello, I would recommend you to contact WD Support, they should be able to provide some assistance in this case.