.WDtemp File

Sorry if this has been asked…

I have this .WDTemp file on my C: drive… and well its saving something from WD cloud, Every Min. How do I make that stop, or should I. It has used up 24.8 GB of my drive already.

Are you using WD Sync? If so that is the cause. Prior discussion on .WDtemp.



The sync program is looking for a file or files that have perhaps been deleted or moved and will continue to search for them every minute of every day until it can be found. Each time it tries to sync it will add a file to your WDTemp folder and over time this will completely fill up your hard drive. Look for the notification box in the WD Sync and wait for each missing file to be shown. Only one file is shown at a time, But every minute just before or as it is trying to sync these files, the names will flash for you to see. Once you know the file name and location, simply change the name of another file in the same directory to the missing one and the next time the sync is attempted, the file will be found and synced to My Cloud. (Alternatively you you can add a new file with the missing name to that directory rather than changing the name but for me it was easier and of no importance as to whether the file name was CBB1234 or CBB1235. Once you provide a file with the name the program is looking for, it is satisfied and stops its endless search. Repeat this until all are updated and no additional files are being added to WDTemp folder. Once the WD Sync shows that it is up to date and no more pending, delete all the files in WDTemp and you are good to go. Hope this helps someone.