.WDTemp File - massive!

Hi all,
my.WDTemp folder has become huge - almost 1/2 my entire storage - why is this happening and it there a way to prevent this?
many thanks

Do you use WD Sync? If so there is your answer.

If you haven’t done so already, use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, several past discussions on the .wdtemp sucking up storage space.


The WD Sync program will save deleted files so a user can recover them at a later time through the WD Sync app. And or it stores failed sync files to it.

One solution is to not use WD Sync if you do not need to remote sync files. Instead use a third party sync program. Free File Sync (https://freefilesync.org/) is one such program some of us use for local syncing and backup to/from a local networked My Cloud.

Thanks very useful.
I did begin with the search facility but as they were a couple of years old and there was mention of a software update to resolve this issue I’d hoped that this might be resolved by now,
I’ll download the file utility when I’ve eventually deleted the contents of the WDTemp folder.