WdPhotos not showing current month folder - backing up - duplicate photos - My Cloud conflict?

Help needed:
Why can’t I see my current (December 2015) photos in WdMyPhoTos? They are there in WDmYCloud (UI/webapp on PC) and showing in MY Computer network folders.

Is there someone who I talk to to to sort out all the curious methods of accessing and controlling this unwieldy My Cloud thing?

Do I use MyCloud or WdPhotos on my phone… on my PC?

What happens when I add my own photos to a MyCloud folder - do they appear in the WdMy pHotos app on my pHone?

Why are there multiple copies of some of my phone photos inside WdMy Photos’ folders?

Should I use the WebUI or the PC (or is it UI?) Dashboard to sort things out? How are they connected?

It is interesting how this ‘You can easily have your own Cloud storage system’ system can be so infuriatingly complicated.

Where do MyCloud’s backups’ photos get stored?

and why does my MYCloud phone app say it doesn’t have permission to view everything when I can see it all on my PC app/webUI?

What settings in the WdPhotos app alter the settings I see in MyCloud ?
Why are the settings not consistent?

Truly exasperated !
…and no use saying I didn’t follow the 6 million setup guideline settings… If the system was ‘easy’ to start with, then there would be no need for them!

Possible reason for multiple copies of the same photos in Wd my Cloud:
Take photos on phone. Arrive at friend’s place where I have WiFi login connection. Photos uploaded ?
Arrive at my home. WiFi logs in on phone. Photos uploaded again? Not sure.
The multiple copies of photos all have the same (exif?) data.
Any clues?

I delete some photos from the WdMyCloud/photos monthly folder eg 2015_11
On my phone I clear the cache. some reload occurs but the deleted photos still show on my phone in the folder.
Why is this?

WD Photos transcodes picture files within your WD My Cloud (NAS) before they can be seen. This is because of photo-display-specific enhancements. WD My Cloud (App) on the other hand displays files in real time as soon as they are added to your WD My Cloud (NAS).

WD Support should be able to guide you and provide you with general assistance related to the app’s features and usage. You can contact them over the phone or via E-mail.

WD Photos and WD My Cloud (App) serve different functions. Some features are app-specific. Personally, I only use WD My Cloud (App). Your PC is different. You don’t need an app to use the actual WD My Cloud (NAS/Device).

Multiple synchronizations could lead to duplicate files if file structure changes.

The Dashboard allows you to manage and control all features within your WD My Cloud (NAS). The mobile apps are only for file display, and as such they do not allow you to control advanced features such as creating Users or Shares.

The location for picture files depends on the source and how the pictures were copies.

No settings in WD Photos are reflected in WD My Cloud (App). They work independently from each other.

Thanks for the details - the best bit I fully understood was “I only use WD MY Cloud App”
Hence I’ve ditched wdphotos app and cleared out 2.3Gb (!!) of duplicates from the device.