Backing up Photos from iPhone using My Cloud app

Hi, just got this and wanted to back up my photos to free up space on my phone but it seems to make a copy in the My Cloud App thereby taking up all my free memory. Should I be using WD Photos or does it do the same thing? I don’t need two copies on my phone and I got this to avoid having my photos on the actual cloud. iPhone 5 and iPad Air at this point.

I use WDPhoto app. Upload the files from your phone straight to the box. You can then delete them off your phone.

They will go into the Public share on the cloud, under a new share name which is the name  or user on your phone. For example, mine go under /public/Jamalaya

I have tried uploading photos via the WD Photos iphone app, which works fine. however it still makes a copy on my phone.

I want to upload all my photos i have on my phone and the delete them off my phone making free space.

Any odeas what im doing wrong???


Well, it is easy to back up photos from iPhone by enabling iCloud Photo Library. Go to settings > iCloud > Photo’s > iCloud photo library. If so, you can safe some space by using optimize iPhone storage in that same settings panel. And you can import the pictures by logging in your iCloud account.