How to download pictures from WD app on iPhone

Hey Guys,

My wife recently got a new iPhone and we have previously been uploading pictures from her old phone to our WD cloud for a while.  Now that she has a new phone, she was wanting to pull some pictures from the cloud and put them back on her phone.

Is there an easy way to do this from the app?  I clicked SELECT --> DOWNLOAD, and that just downloads it to be seen wthin the app.  Doesnt save it on her iPhone photos where she would be able to make it a lock screen.

I know I could just e-mail the pictures, but she was wanting to download about 20-30 picutures from the cloud and put them on the phone.  

Just trying to find the easiest way.

Thank you!


Have you tried using the WD Photos app?

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I didnt even know such an app existed!  I had the other WD app which works great for viewing and sending files.

Thank you!