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I do not understand your post. Is it possible to add a bit more context? More information will allow for more Users to better help you.

I didn’t really have a clue what this was about this morning, but, on closer inspection, it seems to be trying to ask why ‘SmartWare’ and ‘TimeMachineBackup’ are still visible in Windows File Explorer.

To which the answer is, of course, that Windows File Explorer is not the WD MyCloud Mobile App, where these folders are now hidden, as per the highlighted announcement.

The OP has misunderstood the relevance of that announcement, I think.

I’m not familiar enough with logographic character sets to identify for sure which language is on the box; Chinese, I think; probably not Japanese, since the MyCloud is called WD Cloud in Japan…

I also note that this thread has obviously used some sort of special pro-forma '‘themeweek’, which is probably where all the strange numbers, stuff about votes, ‘summary’ and ‘This text will be hidden’ come from. I note there is another current thread using a different pro-forma (‘polls’). These appear to be new features of the forum; maybe they should not be available to all users?