WDMYCLOUD dashboard problem with code 04.01.02-417

Hi Guys

my WDMYCLOUD 2 T was working fine untill yesterday night, when I entered to change drive name using dashboard, I saw message to download new firmware , and after downloading and installing it  ( latest one 04.01.02-417) i lost access to the dash board. erros I am getting :

Device Intializing and stayed for ever.

after reading the forum and and confirmed issue with customer support , I did the reset 40second, and this didnt help.

this code was totally unstable.  sometimes i get the dash board but  Device Intializing stay there.

same time I have the WDMYCLOUD icon  it shows under my NETWORK icon  , and under COMPUTER section.

when I click on WDMYCLOUD , I see all shares , but some are access deneid. when i try to copy them to safe harddrive , it start with some files and then lose connection.

I dont undersatnd why the WD drive went crazy with last update? do WD stuff have SVT department to test the code before it goes out to customer?

my WD is 1 and half years , and no more warranty  , but in case WD code screw it , then what happened for the warrannty ?

I can ping the drive , and i can ping WDMYCLOUD , which gave back the IP , so i have no isssue with connectivity.

i connected direct to my computer with the same problem.

I dont know why WD dont ship these drives with consol port for trouble shooting.

 my Drive light state

sometime steady white.

sometimes steady blue.

sometimes white flashing.

and whatever the status is  still no access to dashboard.

sometimes i see my files and sometimes no , and when i see them I can not copy them because it lose connection.

did WD Engineer send code without testing?

please reply to this post if you were a victim of latest code.

Hi streamview, we have passed this along to support.

I had the same issue when I renamed my drive.  To get to dashboard try this:

in your browser address bar type: https://YourDriveName.local

Whenever your router or cloud reboots it is possible to get a new IP address which makes the dashboard shortcut useless.  I went into my router and reserved a DHCP address for MyCloud.  Once you do this you can edit the properties of the dashboard shortcut and put in the static IP address.  


my router already have reserved IP address for the wdmycloud.

I use also WD Discovery, and when it discover the WDmycloud , I click on configure , and when it try to go to wdmycloud  it gives


Unable to connect

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wdmycloud.

    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.


sometimes i have to reboot twice .

sometimes share shows sometimes no.

sometime dash board shows , but not full , missing statistics like drive space , shares.

the only thing i see on dashboard in green is the firmware version 417.

i had this wdmycloud working for 1 year with no problem, and the moment i downloaded the latest firmware , everything went bad.

i work at Satellite company and we do install stations around the world, sometimes we send customer new firmware to install , and if something goes wrong , we  ssh to the unit , and let the station boot with older code that is still on the flash.

when we install new code , always old code will stay there as back up.

what WD have to do to save money for futur (RMA) return and shipping , is to invest alittle money on all their product to build consol port , and to build the unit to always have two boot code , old one and new one, and ability to ssh to unit and change memory address depends to which code you want.

then by either they do it by remote desktop and access the unit and bring back the unit to life, or expert cutomer can help themself.

I can hook up WD engineers with our Engineers to give more detail how this done , and why we dont have too much units coming back for repairs.