Dashboard weirdness again!

This morning I woke up to find that the Dashboard has decided that I have NO data on the 2TB drive other than the backup done with WDSync. This changed overnight as the Dashboard statistics were fine last night.

The data is NOT lost - it is there as you can see from the second JPG.

Anyone else have this weird change in their status? Closing the Dashboard and re-opening it makes no difference, and unloading the external drive made no difference either. The Twonky stats are correct.


Various steps to try. Do a Media Server database rebuild from the Settings section. Sometimes a 4 second reset via the back reset button can fix Dashboard weirdness but one may have to reconfigure some My Cloud Dashboard settings after a reset.

Sometimes it just takes the My Cloud a minute or two before it updates the Dashboard page contents or the Capacity graphic.

All is well again! I did a soft reboot (in my opinion, the only way to reboot unless you can’t see the Dashboard) and that restored the statistics. Thanks for the hints, though, because I almost forgot there was a reset button on the back.

As a side note, the very LAST thing anyone should do to these basic DLNA boxes is pull the power! You are tossing the dice when you do that.


My WDMyCloud has a resident gremlin! The storage usage statistics are gone again! Maybe it’s too cold for it here (2C today) or not enough daylight? :smiley:

I’m stumped.


Does it change if you reboot the router instead of the cloud? And is the drive in sleep mode when you access and it shows they are gone? Also curious if you have a mac or pc. just curious in case i run into similar issues as I’ve spent the last 2 weeks just getting my to work correctly on my mac and have only loaded one file as I’m being cautious before I take the next step and run into the issues you or others are having. Thanks and Good luck.

No, the router has no impact on this device. I’m running Windows 10 on an ASUS ROG desktop system (big; fast) and I’m very happy with the WDMyCloud. It works well and I stream videos in addition to using if for my personal database of everything digital in my life. I’d give this device a 4 out of 5.


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What web browser are you using to access the Dashboard? Edge? If so try a different web browser. Edge is still a bit flaky at times.

My wife updated to Win 10 and said that Edge is flakey alright. She pointed out that the previous Internet Explorer is still on PC so she resurrected it via a shortcut. Here is her message:

C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

Right mouse on iexplore.exe and select “Pin to Taskbar” or “Create a Shortcut”. IE is still there!!!

I use Chrome exclusively. It’s good but not 100%.

I did try Edge and the Dashboard showed the same results.