WDE Readyview Firewall and Network Error

Good afternoon,

I recently have purchased the WD Readyview camera system. It took me a good bit to get into it via the browser interface. After some rigging and such, I was able to get into that. However, the issue that I am having is with the app. I have tried to set the app up and i keep on getting the network error. My initial thought there was something to do with the firewall. I went and tried to search out the ports that this app uses and have had no luck on the results. I then used Advanced Port Scanner to see what ports are open on the NVR and such. There is quite a few ports, many of which I am not all that familiar with. So my question(s) are/is this:

What ports does the app use?
Is there a firewall issue that may be preventing the app from connecting?
Is there any specific ports that I have to have open other than the obvious?
Are there any other things I can try (Other than what is mentioned in the post about the app)?

Any help would be appreciated.


All I know most NVR system would use port 554, 80, 8000 and 9000. You can try to open those ports and test it out. I have just found out my WD NVR could not go out to the internet. I tried to ping from the NVR unit and it could not reach Google DNS. The reason I know, because some how from 4 pm last night my Android app keeping get “Network issue”. Every other device within the house can connect to the internet. Even my other ReoLink NVR can connect to the internet. I have check port 9000, 8000 and 80 are open. Port 554 is for RSTP. I’ll save the unit setting tonight and do a factory restore to see if problem resolve.

Anthony - Did you ever resolve this issue? I got the cameras all installed at my house and having the same issue. Network error. when trying to login from WD ReadyView app

Looks like I found the ports that need to be port forwarded manually are TCP 80, 82, 554, 7070, 6060, 443 to use WD ReadyView app outside your house.

Hope this helps anyone that was in my situation.

I found a solution. Set a static ip for the NVR. Port forward your router to 80 443 554. Use the GuardViewer app. Manually configure for external ip on port 80 using NVR credentials. DO NOT USE QR CODE. This way it will work through mobile data.