WDE Readyview Firewall and Network Error

Good afternoon,

I recently have purchased the WD Readyview camera system. It took me a good bit to get into it via the browser interface. After some rigging and such, I was able to get into that. However, the issue that I am having is with the app. I have tried to set the app up and i keep on getting the network error. My initial thought there was something to do with the firewall. I went and tried to search out the ports that this app uses and have had no luck on the results. I then used Advanced Port Scanner to see what ports are open on the NVR and such. There is quite a few ports, many of which I am not all that familiar with. So my question(s) are/is this:

What ports does the app use?
Is there a firewall issue that may be preventing the app from connecting?
Is there any specific ports that I have to have open other than the obvious?
Are there any other things I can try (Other than what is mentioned in the post about the app)?

Any help would be appreciated.


All I know most NVR system would use port 554, 80, 8000 and 9000. You can try to open those ports and test it out. I have just found out my WD NVR could not go out to the internet. I tried to ping from the NVR unit and it could not reach Google DNS. The reason I know, because some how from 4 pm last night my Android app keeping get “Network issue”. Every other device within the house can connect to the internet. Even my other ReoLink NVR can connect to the internet. I have check port 9000, 8000 and 80 are open. Port 554 is for RSTP. I’ll save the unit setting tonight and do a factory restore to see if problem resolve.