All of a sudden the app decides to kick me out then when I try to log in it only comes back with “network error” what should I do?

Check the NVR. Either unplug the Ethernet cable and reconnecting it. Or reboot. Hope it work out for you.

It’s not the problem with the NVR. Normally if you are able to logged in to the WD ReadyView App/server, it will tell you if your NVR is off line or online. With this problem, it’s like the WD readyview app can’t use wifi connection or cell data connection, simply put I think wd readyview server is down whenever this happened. I can use all other security app(zmodo, IP pro, VSSMOBILE, WEBVISION, xmartO) to mobile watch their security camera at the same location. I Can NOT depending on WD Readyview for mobile view solution. I should have brought something cheaper.

It’s your TCP/IP settings on the NVR. If you’re using DCHP, consider a static IP. If you’re already static, check your default gateway is correct.

I’m having the same issue with multiple locations. All NVR’s are statically assigned and on line. The app says “network error” continuously. Tech support is useless. Now that Micro Center is handling the support, it takes 30 minutes or longer before they answer. When they do answer, they don’t have any answers to the issue. I’ve installed 6 systems for customers and all of them are having issues with the app connecting. I thought this being a Western Digital brand, I was buying a quality system. No support ■■■■■! I may have to eat the cost of replacing these systems. Sad, very sad.

this is something that just started happening for me too. it will not connect to the nvr over cellular connection. only on my home’s wifi. something is up and the app needs updated. but it hasn’t been updated in several years. western digital is notorious for no support of their products. they did the same thing with their WD tv stuff years ago. left people hanging then shut it down. I will never buy another WD product as long as I live.

For help
I found a solution. Set a static ip for the NVR. Port forward your router to 80 443 554. Use the GuardViewer app. Manually configure for external ip on port 80 using NVR credentials. DO NOT USE QR CODE. This way it will work through mobile data. Example: