WD ReadyView loses link every 5 minutes

Purchased the ReadyView 4 camera system yesterday set one camera up and noticed it was randomly losing link - says No Link or Network Error. Thinking it was network related tried to open ports though I could not find specifically on WD site which were needed to open. Also connected it to a monitor via HDMI. On the monitor every 5 minutes or screen goes black and says “No Link” about 10 seconds later returns to normal.
I reset the box but have not reset the camera or tried a different one. Any thoughts? Surely it’s not network related if it’s showing no link through the monitor, correct?

I don’t know why you need to open a port or ports but I know it uses 80, 443, 554, 443, 30000, 23, 82, 5196, 6060, 7100

You can ping readyview.wd.com from your computer to find our if you can get to WD server.
The other is keep ping the Readyview to check if you can see the unit while “Network Error” display. If you can still able to ping while the it says No Link or Network Error, it could mean it can’t get to the WD server or the cameras not getting IP. You can also enable Telnet to ping from NVR unit itself. But it is better to call WD support line so they can walk you through the troubleshooting.