Network error question - WD ReadyView

I just purchased a WD ReadyView Surveillance System and seems to work fine using DHCP

During setup i changed the password of course

When I installed the app on my iphone, I scan the code, attempt login … then get “Network error”

I have the system connected to a cradlepoint device with good internet access (i tested with a laptop no problem)

What am I doing wrong? Any ideas? Thanks for any help!

Hello is this still an active support forum? I’ve tried to track down a customer support number for WD and it looks like they’ve suspended any voice support now with the COVID-19 outbreak. This is a little frustrating to have just unboxed this system and getting this network error immediately after connecting DHCP to a tested active network.

Any suggestions appreciated or I guess I just box it up and send it back?

I have the same problem - Have you resolved this issue?

After many tries, I switch my iphone off of our company WiFi and onto its regular cellular connection and tried again. It connected fine then. I’m pretty sure our firewall was creating a problem for it.

Thanks. I’ll try that

Your company wifi/network may blocking certain ports from access outside of the company network for security reason.

Anyone found a solution for this yet? Ive tried everything and cant get on my app. Still cant get ahold of anyone. It all worked then just stopped. I can view it off the main drive but, that does me no good when out of town.

This could cause by two thing. You NVR system can’t reach the internet, which it needs to talk to WDC server. Second, it could be your internet connection at home is slow. If you have no issue using the app at home but sometime have issue when outside the house then internet connection is slow. The last issue which happen once awhile is the WDC server is not responding.

I found a solution. Set a static ip for the NVR. Port forward your router to 80 443 554. Use the GuardViewer app. Manually configure for external ip on port 80 using NVR credentials. DO NOT USE QR CODE. This way it will work through mobile data. Example:

Same here, all 4 cameras went black, shows network error, any help ?