Trying to connect a non WD to my readyview system

I was wondering if anyone would be able to hold my hand through the process of adding a non WD camera to my ReadyView system? I am trying to add this camera to my system. I can use the browser UI to see that the camera is connected but it has a 192 IP address VS a 172. Protocol is ONVIF. It says “No more cameras allowed. Please delete idle cameras and try again”. I have the 4 cameras connected that came with my system and I’m trying to utilize the 4 empty ports.
Any help would really be appreciated.

I have gotten the camera “connected” it seems but when I go to maintenance it says “Offline(Incorrect Username or Password)”.
I have tried the NVR pw, “admin”, and 123456.

I found a solution. I had to use the browser UI for the aftermarket camera to change the resolution to match (or at least as close as I could) the resolution and bit rate and fps settings of the WD branded cameras. After I did that I was able to “modify” an empty camera, add via ip address, search for the camera, save and it showed up. I hope this dead thread can help someone someday.