WD5000AAKX Issues

I bought a western digital caviar blue 500gb SATA III 6GB/s 16mb cache 3.5 inch internal hard drive from amazon a few days( the box only had the hard drive, nothing else). I connected it to my computer as I did my previous hard drive with no problems but strangely, the computer didn’t seem to acknowledge that the hard drive was connected as it did when I attempted this process previously with a different hard drive. I use windows 7 32 bit. I checked that it was connected properly and it was, it was also warm so it seemed the hard drive might have been doing something, I have no idea what to do and I can’t find anything helpful on the site so I would appreciate any help, thanks 

If you access your computer BIOS do you see the hard drive?

Hi is does your motherboard support sata 3 if it only supports sata 2 you may need to jumper the drive to make in run in sata 2 mode. If the motherboard is sata 1 you have no chance of getting a sata 3 drive to work.