Caviar Blue SATA not recognized

HDD Model: WD5000AAKS

Motherboard:  ECS A785GM-M7 V2.0


When I plug the disk, it automatically starts beeping 5 fives. When I boot the machine, it starts beeping also 5 times. After that, it enter BIOS and beeps another 4 times.

The BIOS reads: 

Auto-Detecting 3rd Master…IDE Hard Disk

3rd Master Hard Disk Error

Press F1 to Resume

Altough the disk is SATA, and when I press F1, Windows won’t boot up, it says:

Reboot and Select proper Boot device

or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key

In this case, CMOS recognize the disk but it has size 0 and vendor is empty. But sometimes isn’t recognized at all, and CMOS doesn’t show it either.

I tried another data cable, and another power cable, but it still the same. Any help will be appreciated.


Is the unit connect as primary drive? If you connect the drive as secondary unit are you able to boot and see the drive?