Bios cannot detect WD3200AAKS Caviar Blue SATA hard drive


I am trying to install a 320 gb WD3200AAKS Caviar Blue hard drive on my computer but Bios wont detect it. The motherboard I am using is a Intel DG965WH with a SATA drive already attached as the Primary drive. I tried the following :

  1. Changing IDE to RAID in boot configeration

  2. Shunting the jumper  pins 5 and 6 (to downgrade to 1.5 Gbps transfer rate)

  3. Removing my working master disk and trying to install this as the only  HDD.

  4. Switching my SATA data and power cables.

All of this to no avail. Would appreciate if someone has a solution to this issue or has seen it on WD SATA drives.


Dude, I’m 87% sure that drive is bad. You’ve done what you’re supposed to do so a last resort try the DOS version of WD’s DLG and see if it can find the drive, or connect it to another MotherBoard to make sure.

If the drive is bad, calling WD for a replacement would be the next step.

did you run the dlg diagnostics on the drive?  how old is the computer?  is it possible that the bios needs to be updated to be able to read the 320 GB drive?  also, you might want to check with the mb manufacturer to make sure there’s no compatibility issues with the drive.

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I’ll add 10% to Pizza’s point.

Check for motherboard BIOS (which includes on-board SATA controller firmware) update.

Otherwise, it sounds like the PCB is bad.  Make sure the connectors on it are OK (not excessively dirty or cracked).

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