New WD Blue 320GB installed, but nothing


I have just installed a new WD Blue (SATA) 320GB on a desktop. I have doubled checked connections and made sure the new drive was seated correctly. What am I missing? Could there be someting wrong with motherboard? Help! 



Hi ok the new drive is a sata 3 drive does bios see the drive or what is not happening. What sata controller does the motherboard have is it sata 2 or 1

okay dumb questions, here. What do you mean SATA 3…2…or 1?

Bios does not see the drive, nothing is happening.

Hi ok what make and model number is the motherboard it will be written on the board. Remember no need to touch the motherboard just look and always ground yourself before you touch anything like keep one hand on the case and use the other to move anything unplug the pc and push the start button for a second also to drain any power the board may have left in it.

Here is a number that was on the MB. This is a Acer. #M856709001736000DDEK

Hi sorry that number does not help if it is a acer prebuilt pc give me the model number on the outside of the case.

This is an ACER INSPIRE DESKTOP AM5100 - U5201A

Hi well it seems the motherboard is sata 2 so it should find the drive even though it is a older amd chipset. I would try and see if there is a bios update for the motherboard from Acer make sure you get the right one doing a wrong bios update can make your pc not work if you do not feel comfortable doing this don’t. You could try the drive in a different pc to make sure it works. The name should be Aspire not inspire also.

What key gets me access to the BIOS? I think I need to change the Boot order?

before going into all these technical things, why not confirm that the drive is powering on first?

If you turn your comptuer on, all drives should automatically spin up. does that new WD Blue do that? You should be able to feel (vibration) and hear the drive spinning round and round :slight_smile: