I have recently purchased the My Book LIve  2 TB. All is well accept I can not view files with WD2go.

I can log in at WD2go.com. I see the Drive icon. I click on the drop down arrow and select view shares. It goes to the next page and shows :Shares (1) however it never shows any documents or files to open in internet explorer.

Would appreciate your help. I am running windows 7. All updates are complete. Running Java 6 (update 31)


Found part of the solution.

I went to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Internet Explorer (open without addons)

Pointed to WD2go.com

Java installer opened. Removed Java 6 update 31. Reinstalled Java 6 update 31 

Clicked on MyBookLive drop down arrow. Clicked on my shares.

A window opened requesting authentication of the web site. I accepted. All is working fine.

However when I try to open a document on the MyBook Live hard drive is asks for a user ID and Password.

I don’t recall setting this up.

Can anyone offer some help?


Did you tried using different web browsers?