Unable to access share files through wd2go


going through www.wd2go.com, i can successfully log in etc however it then comes up with black screen, my log out and wd devices tabs etc at the top and then in bigger text it has:

Shares (5)

and that is it, iot wont let me see the shares and access the folders i want to and have assigned to be shared through the dashboard. can anybody help or advise what might be causing this and how i can fix it please.

thanks in anticipation. 

Make sure that the flash player and java are up to date.

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Hi, i have laptop vista and external hard drive my book live 3To at my home. When i use this link https://www.wd2go.com/, i can work my files (public and sharing ) but when i use other laptop vista in other home or public laptop, i connect hardly to https://www.wd2go.com/ , i see my device , i click on the button " open in the explorer window ". the window open but she doesn’t work.

My configuration :

java : version 1.7.0_09-b05

flash player : version 11.5.502.146

I wish i help you

tell me



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viet31 wrote:

java : version 1.7.0_09-b05


I’m running 7.0.110.

Your version seems ancient.   Maybe you should uninstall it and install the current version.

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Thanks all. That’s worked nicely. Sorry for delay in posting back.