WD My Book Live web access with wd2go.com does not work

Hi, I just bought a new WD My Book Live last week and has been trying to set it up since then. So far I get it working as a network storage for my home network, meaning I can upload and download stuff to it while connected to my own network.

However, I would like to be able to access it via web as well. I read on line that I should be using wd2go.com to do it. So, I first upgraded my firmware to the latest version as decribed on line. Then I went to register an accoun in wd2go. I then go to wd2go.com and was able to log in with this account.

After log in I see a screen with only “My Devices” on top, under which MyBookLive is set. There is a dropdown list with two choices: “view shares” and “remove devices”. I don’t want to remove the device, so I choose view shares. This leads to my next screen where I see “Shares (1)” on top and below it a folder with the name “Public”. On the right side of this folder there is a “+ Open in Explorer” button.

This is where I have my problem. When I click on this button nothing seems to happen. Also while on this page my mouse cursor seems to keep spinning as if it is still busy loading the page. However no matter how long I wait there is nothing happening.

Does anyone has this same problem? Does anyone know what might be the cause of this problem? And is there a solution to it? Also, is there another approach as how to access MyBookLive remotely?

As additional information:

I use Windows 7 Proffesional SP1 and Firefox 14.0.1. I also tried IE 8.0 under the same Windows.

An update:

Yesterday, I turned on uPnP of my router/modem and was able to map MyBookLive to my disks. However, this was while I was at home. When I tried it again today at another location away from my home wifi it did not work anymore.

I also noticed that when it worked. The button of “+ Open in Explorer” will light up when I hover over it with my mouse. This does not happen when I try to do it from another location. I also created a new share in my MyBookLive and this showed up while I try to connect to MyBookLive both from my own wifi and from a remote location.

Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks in advance.

I have done some more testing. I tried to connect to MyBookLive through an older Win XP laptop and it was successfull both with IE and google Chrome. I then tested it again with another Win 7 laptop on IE and the connection was again successfull. It seems the only laptop that has this problem is my laptop which I use the most often.

However, on my own laptop I have successfull connected to MyBookLive through wd2go.com while in my own home wifi network. Hence, I know javascript loaded correctly. There must be something else that is wrong. Perhaps some settings of my firefox/IE are wrong? Am I blocking some channels/port that wd2go.com uses without realizing it?

Let me know if you have any ideas. I really want to get this laptop working. Thanks.