Wd2Go web Access

I’m currently having problems trying to connect to my MyBookLive 2TB drive over the internet.

I’ve tried accessing via safari on my iphone and ipad, My works Laptop running Win7 proffesional and my Home PC running Win7 Home Premium (64bit) using Win Explorer9.  All exhibit the same problem.  My network is connected via SkyBroadband if this helps.

I can access www.WD2Go.com where I’m prompted to enter the email address and password of the user (password user selected when invioted to join via email).  This appears to work fine and directs me to a page with an icon of a MyBook Live drive (neat).  I select this and I’m then prompted for the network drive password.  This is the password I set as the admin user in the dashboard.

It’s when I click’ sign in’ that all seems to go wrong.  I get one of either of the following faults, completely random which one.

  1.  I’m taken to a screen which shows I have two shares (written no icons) but this is it, no means of selecting anything to enter the shares!
  2. The page crashes, relaunches and thenpresents me with a standard explorer message ’ We were unable to return you to the page you were viewing…’

Can anyone help me resolve this.  the reason I purchased the Mybook live was to access files remotely and share some with friends and family that live away.

Note I have WDPhoto and WD2go apps on the Ipad and iphone and they work fine.

I can also access the dashboard on any media fine.

Dude, you are posting in the wrong place. You need to go to the Networks Drives Forum…

Hi I am having the same problem, does anyone know what is the problem? Sorry but I don’t understand why this post is in the wrong place.

you need to make sure that you have java installed on your pc.  also, do you have upnp enabled on your router?