WD2GO "Device is not accessible" and cannot enable port forwarding through MYBOOKLIVE


Just got my new MYBOOKLIVE 2TB Drive. All works well on the network (after having to physically connect laptop to router for wired connection as wirless discovery wouldn’t work for some reason.  Anyway, all going well and all files saved on the drive overnight.  Loaded WD2go and WDPhotos on Ipad - and I get an error message “Device Offline - The device is not accessible. Local documents are available”

I am assuming that my router is stopping incoming access?

Checking these forums and other help sources suggests turning on port forwarding on the router - I have a Belkin Play on DHCP on a VirginMedia cable modem.  I followed the instructions for setting up a static IP address on the MBL, and don’t get the expected screen - I expected to have the connectivity status on the remote access screenon the dashboard to say “port forwarding connection established”, but it actually says “a direct conectionhas been established”.  I can’t seem to find any more help on this topic.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


Can you upload screenshots of your screen and your router’s configuration page? Something doesn’t sound good, I mean if you have a “cable modem” then that’s the problem if it’s not a real router and it doesn’t allow specifc port designation and negotiation.

I’m getting exactly the same problem.  Interestingly I don’t get the same issue on my Android phone.  Did you ever fix this?

Thanks!  Geraint_P