My Book Live problems accessing via WD2Go- "inaccessible"

Hi, please help.

I have recently reconfigured the network arrangement which has resulted in WD2Go app not recognising mybooklive, instead giving a  “Device Offline- This device is inaccessible;only local files are available” message.

I have both WD2Go and WDphotos apps on my ipad and WD Photos continues to work fine so only have the problem with WD2Go.

Before the change my PC connected to the network wirelessly, I have now connected it via an ethernet cable (via powerline) and am experiencing issues with the WD2Go application.

can anyone help on how i can resolve this? I’ve tried all the usual reset, disable remote access etc. I do note that when trying to activate the app now (i deleted and reinstalled to see if it would make a difference) the code doesn’t instantly authenticate and sits ‘waiting’.



Try to turn off remote access and turn back on