Cannot access my book live through wd2go

I’ve just installed a 2tb my book live.
Most of the time I cannot access the drive through the internet using wd2go.
I get a message telling me the device does not have a connection.
My home internet connection works well thus we can discard an ISP failure in advance.
It’s pretty annoying since I’ve brought this device mainly to access my files when I am away from home.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

Did you follow the manual’s “setting up mobile access” instructions?

Yes, I did. Actually sometimes it connects and I can access my files but most of the time it seems to be down.
That’s the disturbing part, if I could never access it I eould think it is not configurated correctly but it seems to work randomly.
Thanks for the advice anyway, I will double check that.
Any other suggestions?

when it works, are you connected via Wifi on your network?

When it does not, are you on 3g/4g?