WD My Book Live Remote Access issue with WD 2go

We are having an issue with remote access through the WD 2go app for our My Book Live 2TB drive. The app works fine while connected to our home WiFi network but we experience the issue when attempting to access the MBL when connected to our mobile carrier. I’ve found that the only thing that restores it is Rebooting the MBL through the MBL Dashboard.  This resolution only temporary however as the issue reappears again later.  Port Forwarding is enabled and the MBL is assigned a static IP address. The Firmware is up to date with version 02.32.05-46 and the WD 2go app is up to date with version 2.1.1.

Has anyone experienced or heard of this issue? If so what might be the solution?

Hello mate,

I think you might need to contact WD for this issue?

WD Contact info


Lots of people have had this issue with the latest version of the firmware. Previously your MBL might have had a relay connection. The latest update was meant to fix this allowing everyone to have a direct connection using UPnP. However, this doesn’t work with my device. To force it into relay connection (which doesn’t seem to slow) just disable UPnP on your router settings. That should allow the remote connect to work. Let me know if this fixes it.

i have the same issue…wait for the new FW

Thanks for the advice; I disabled UPunP and so far so good I’m able to access my files through the WD 2 Go app outside my network. I haven’t found a reason enable it so I think i’ll keep it disabled.

Gonna try this as i have same problem brand new MBL 1Tb, good app if it just work :frowning: