Remote access problem (


I have purchased a 2tb My Book lIve and set it up, i am able to view files, download and stream music and videos on my Kindle fire and smartphone using the WD2go app with no probelms at all.

However when i try to remote access using none of my files will play, stream or download, when i try to disconnect the shared folder it causes my windows to freeze and i am unable to turn my laptop off without holding down the power key to force a reboot. i got a friend to try it on his Laptop and he had the same problem.

Can anyone help???

I had the same problem but I found a half solution.

On dashboar got to configuration->remote access->configure you can see conection options and three options, automatic, manual and compatibility XP. Change to manual and configure ports on your router.

In my lan, the MBL work perfect, but from other sites doesn’t work 100%.

Good luck.

Thanks very much

Does anyone now how to set up port forwarding in the BT home hub 3 :frowning: i am not that great with stuff like that :frowning: