WD101PURZ "Locked"

Brand new WD101PURZ drive just arrived, unpacked and installed and ran into some issues which I at first thought were related to it being 10TB but now suspect it’s DOA.

Original System plugging the drive in (It’s got quite a loud hum to it) on boot would show the drive in BIOS but not in the OS, Intel RST detects the drive (Most of the time but not 100%) but shows the status as “Locked” (Westmere IOH10 server)

SATA to USB 3.0 enclosure does not show a drive installed.

Installed into my desktop (Z390, Core I9 9th Gen) and same issues except the BIOS does not show a drive, Intel RST shows the drive but shows as “Locked” still, WD Dataguard (Windows) does not show the drive.

Not sure if it’s related or not but do these drives take a long time to spin down? All other drives (Including 7.2k, 10k and 15k drives) spin down pretty fast after the system is powered, this drive you can hear and feel spinning down for a good 7-10 seconds after power off complete with a whirling and clicking sound.

Any thoughts?

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