WD tv not finding network shares om Windows 10 PC

hi all

I upgraded my win7 pc to win10 yesterday and now my wd tv cant find the network shares. 

On my win10 pc i made a new account for my wd tv and i Can succesfully login With it on my wd TV. But I can’t see the shares just some random “user” folders. 

What am I doing wrong?

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It may be possible for the network configuration being used by Windows 10 to be blocking network discovery. Did you check the network settings to ensure you are in a Home Network? You may also need to re-do your permission settings.

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Thought I fixed it but the issue came back.

I told you windows 10 does not have  hOME NET WORK ANYMORE. tHEY CHANGED IT TO pRIVATE nETWORK!!!

iS NO ONE GETTING THE FACT THAT YOUR PRODUCT DOes not see shares anymore from pc? Can we get some help with this Please?

Hi sensing alot of frustration here with what looks like a Windows 10 problem…
Can we please ask the WD team whether they can come up with a fix or wait for Windows to fix their end with an update… in the meantime it looks like i will re rolling back to Window 8…cheers db

When you update to Windows 10, all your advanced sharing options on the PC are all reset to default.

This means that streaming is turned off, password protection is turned on, and sharing is managed by Windows as homegroups. You may want to reverse all of these (streaming on (and WDTV allowed), passwords off, and “use user accounts and passwords” on.

This will at least let you see the PC from the WDTV. You may have to reset each switch or router or access point to help it out.

NOTE: In my case I also had to install new network drivers.

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This has been a problem for me as well. I finally found a solution that has consistently worked. Here’s my setup: I have a windows 10 laptop with several USB hard drives plugged into it that I use as a server. First, my laptop’s IP address is My WDTV Media Player IP is When I can’t connect to my network shares, I do the following:

Go to the WDTV Network Settings and change the IP address to (yes, same as the server).
Go to the laptop, open a DOS prompt and run netstat -a.
Go back to WDTV Network Settings and set the IP back to
Go back to the laptop and run netstat -a a second time.

Check the media player and see if it connects to the network shares. For some reason, I have to do this anytime I shut down the media player. But it only takes a minute, so it’s not bad. As long as I leave the media player on, it maintains the connection.