WD TV Media Player Themes?

Hi all,

Anyone know if there is any “out of the box” themes for the WD TV Media Player to download?

I have checked the other WD forums but those seem not to me compatible with this device.

Hi Hioda, welcome to the WD Community. Out of the box the WD TV will come with the Mochi and Grid themes, but you can check on the Themes boards for other options. 

Ok, I bought the 2014 version of the WDTV Media Player.  It came with the two themes you mentioned (Mochi and Grid).  I followed your advice and went to the Themes Forum to see what else might be available for the new 2014 WDTV Media Player.

The Themes Forum is all dedicated to previous versions of the WDTV platform as best as I could tell.  I did not see any reference to additional themes for the newest player, or if there were any, there is no information to actually tell if the theme will work on the new player.

I think there needs to be a different section dedicated to what will work with the new 2014-2015 WDTV Media Player.  It is almost impossible to know what will and won’t…

So, The question still stands, are there other themes besides the Mochi and Grid Themes that will work (out of the box) with the new 2014-2015 WDTV Media Player?

Thanks for any information.

I have a 2014 WDTV Media Player … so this info is not a guess

Any Theme for the WDTV Live Streaming (SMP) will work with the WDTV Media Player (2014)  *they are identical hardware*

Almost all themes a modification of “Mochi”

the “Grid” theme which is a newer interface has very few Theme edits

Except my “PM4 WD” Theme which is a Modification of “Grid”


My other Theme “Alaska Resurface” is a Modification of “Mochi” … it was written for the WDTV Live Hub, but works fine on the WDTV Live Streaming AND the WDTV Media Player (2014)



Thanks very much!  I will give your themes a try. 

I appreciate the information.