WDTV Live Streaming User Themes?

Hello! WDTV Community!

I am back after longish absence on these forums primarily because of lack of decent firmware releases on the WDTV Live Hub since 2.04.13, Now with this new WDTV Live Streaming device, it has sparked new interests in me and to share my thoughts with this community forum members.

WD has done a very good job with the WDTV Live Streaming Player, I must congratulate the developers of this product, it is a decent hardware, faster and more responsive compared to the live plus and the price is just right to compete with other manufacturer’s product.

Most of the nagging issues that are still prevalent in WDTV Live HUB and Live Plus have been sorted out beautifully in this new device! – Again! Thank you!

Coming to the topic, I see that WDTV SMP has Mochi as the default theme and there are no additional online themes as of date. The Question to the community and to WD Developers is it possible to add your own theme just like you would do on the WDTV Live HUB?

I will post this in the ideas lab!


press red button when your at the browsing of themes, u will get access to online database with more themees to download.

That is interesting, Last time I checked, it gave me a message " No files found in the current folder" or something like that, May be I did not try multiple times… 

I will give it a try again and let you know.

Actually, What I was trying to do was to load Modified themes locally not what is posted for WDTV Live HUB online, I think I have figured it out.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Download the GPL code from here: 


Extract the contents and get the Default Mochi theme, that is part of the GPL firmware code files, look inside the PALACE_1.03.10_G.tgz file…

  1. Modify the GPL code’s Mochi Theme to your hearts content by changing whatever you wish to change or merge the images or XML files from other WDTV Live HUB themes that are available for download in the WDTV Live HUB Community threads.

Make sure that you keep the specifications correct, Do not change too much XML files without knowing what you are doing or overlay files from the WDTV Live HUB themes (THEY VARY a LOT) as the WDTV Live SMP Firmware code is different and there is more menu items that WDTV LIVE HUB theme code.

  1. Make a ZIP file out of the final build , If all is right

  2. Load the ZIP file using the WEB interface of the WDTV Live SMP

The process of loading the Modified theme into the Flash memory is to use a Browser and use the IP address of the


http://    — You can also use DNS names like “wdtvlive”

You will be presented with a WEB interface login, You need to enter password “admin” for the first time and from there you can upload your ZIP file

If the contents of the theme present in the ZIP file validates correctly, it will be flashed into the WDTV Live SMP player, If all goes well, You will see the new theme appear in the local content your WDTV Live SMP player in the user themes section alongside with the default Mochi Theme.

I modified the Default Mochi Theme that is part of the GPL code and made some minor modifications to the XML code and changed the views a little bit just for experiementation and all seems to work fine.

Hope this helps others in getting user supplied themes onto the WDTV Live SMP



Hi, Is it possible to upload your modified theme, i really like what you have done, as i havent clue about ediiting XML, cheers