Theme help

I have a wdtv live streaming media player but there is not much in terms of themes on that board at present. Hopefully you don’t mind me putting a question here.

Essentially I love the new GUI with 1 exception being I prefer the folder view with the large thumbnails rather than the grid view which has the titles in a white panel next to the thumbnail.

Is there a quick and easy way of replicating this on the new GUI. I see that many of the movie sheets have this appearance but not wanting to have to setup the full theme as I only want the larger thumbnail view.


Well, as I don’t have the streamer I can say for sure how themes can be used on it.  However, the User Manual for the Streamer does state that themes can be used.

The only way I know that this might work on it is if they are stored on an attached external hard drive.

If it’s possible then there is NOT a way to pick an choice which part of a theme that you can use, either you have to use the complete available theme or you have to edit the Mochi theme so that it looks the way you want.

Thanks Tinwarble.

It sounds like I might be able to modify the default theme. I had a look at your thread XML database which gave me an idea. In gallery view, there is a line that controls the number of columns and rows. If I change the rows to 2 or 3 and delete some of the other objects like metadata and large cover it may work.

Have you found out similar commands that enable grid view to be modify as then I could still use gallery view as designed.

Yes, desiging the “grid” view, which if it holds to be the same on the Streamer as is in the HUB, it would be the Large and Small views.

Those are similar to modify.  If you look HERE, you’ll see the way I have mine modified for the different views.

many thanks  tinwarble. Tony replied on the streaming forum and hoping he can share what he did to get the folder look i was looking for.